Characterizeyour piece to makethe right decisions

We provide you accurate and precise measurements and relative data analysis. We offer the possibility to work in synergy with our experts, sharing ideas, instruments and laboratory spaces.

Physical measurements lead customers to a better understanding of their products/processes. GB Soluzioni Laboratory has more than 50 calibrated instruments used to independently and rigorously verify, measure and test, enabling customers to obtain a product that is aligned with expectations and applicable requirements.

Dimensional measurement

  • Automated process suitable for large amount of measurements
  • Resolution down to 0,1 μm
  • Optical measurement in XYZ
  • Touch probe in XYZ

Torque and force

  • Primary packaging test according to ISO 1160, EN 868-5
  • Tensile strenght test
  • Resolution down to 0,01N
  • Maximum load force: 1000N
  • Maximum torque: 6 N.m
  • Speed up to 500 mm/min
  • Force/torque diagram

Mass and weight

  • Resolution down to 0,001 g
  • Full scale up to 410 g

Small-bore connectors testing ISO 80369

  • Dimensional testing
  • Fluid leakage testing by pressure decay
  • Sub-atmospheric pressure air leakage
  • Stress cracking
  • Resistance to separation from axial load
  • Resistance to separation from unscrewing
  • Resistance to overriding
  • Non-interconnectable dimensional analysis via CAD
  • Test method validation
  • Automated assembly to reference connectors with programmable torque tester

Flow and leak

  • Resolution down to 1 Pa
  • Resolution down to 1 cm³/h
  • Full scale from - 0,9 to 6 bar
  • Full scale up to 50 cm³/ min
  • Leak and flow test assessing
  • Pressure and flow graph-chart
  • Verification and certification of pressure measurements


  • Tyvek, paper, paper/film sealed pouches tested
  • Medical devices moulded components measured using OGP (using Zone 3 and previous software versions)
  • Twist test on moulded parts
  • Torque test
  • Cyclic tensile strength test
  • Tensile test on connections and pump segments for kidney treatments
  • Test method development and Working Instruction drafting
  • Test method validation
  • Full integration with Healthcare consultancies for statistical data analysis and rapid prototyping for custom fixtures

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