Robust design for compliantand safe machinery

We help you demonstrate that your equipment is compliant with the EU directive.

Technical file of the equipment helps you to review your designand build safe machinery, applying the CE mark.

Our capabilities

  • Design development and review for safety
  • Safety essential requirements review
  • 2006/42/EC directive
  • Technical file
  • Risk analysis of the machine (ISO 12100)
  • ISO 60204 compliance
  • PL Calculation (ISO 13849)
  • Software safety validation
  • User and maintenance manual using InDesign
  • Translations in Italian, English, Spanish and French
  • Integration with process validation
  • Integration with customer quality management system (QMS)


  • Machines for medical processes
  • Packaging machines
  • Pharmaceutical automations
  • Cosmetics automations
  • Food automations
  • Automotive
  • Custom automations

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